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Before joining dentistry I was bit worried about my career and future, as I was not so sure about the scope whether pursuing it from any private dental college will going to be benefecial for my career or not. Also I didn't have any keen interest in pursuing dentistry but joining BBDCODS at BBD University changed me and my opinion about dentistry alot. It has provided me with the milestone that I shall cherish forever. The wonderful staff and blessed teachers who always taught me to aim high and never give up! Because of them I started developing interest in my field and now I want to excel in my profession in future. BBD University provides a very healthy atmosphere for students providing a total ragging - free campus. It focusses on overall grooming of students by motivating them to participate in sports and cultural fests. It has a large stadium in the well furnished, fully equipped campus.

Five years have all become unraveled and so our graduation is about to end . This University has built strong foundation grounds for its students with its essence in the ever guiding and inspiring teachers and enthusiastic managerial committee for whom Thank You would seem to be too insignificant word to their contributions in my life. With the best of my wishes and hopes that the legacy is always carried forward in the years to come...

BUSHRA SAZ (Intern : 2012-13)

The pleasure of reading is inseparable from the sheer enjoyment in acquiring knowledge. This blended with the art and craft of dentistry provides me high hopes for a bright future . Past few years in BBDCODS have certainly broadened my horizons in knowing what my goals are and more importantly the kind of doctor I wish to become. Interaction with various intellectuals in this college have aided in shaping my thoughts and enhancing my performance as a student. I wish to extend my heartfelt regards to the few teachers whose benevolent counsel make me earnestly strive towards my resolve and even more so to the unsparing implacable ones who fuel this determination .

Saumya Agarwal (Final Year : 2013-14)


I often asked myself,if I made a wise choice opting dentistry in BBD .And with my first year soon coming to an end , I know I made the right decision. Even though 1st year  is basically concerned with  non-clinical knowledge, I consider myself being one step closer of  becoming a doctor .It  is all because of  hardworking, adept board of faculty ,nurturing environment that BBD provides with its immaculate facilities , a melange of fun and studies that not only foster the growth of a budding dentist but also helps in grooming of  the overall personality of the student. The journey so far has been very educational and accomplishing and I cannot wait to see  what in store the other years have for me.
BDS 1st year

In 2016 I became a part of this institution ‘BBDCODS’. Frankly I never thought of becoming a dentist but when I came to this institute my thought had changed and now think I couldn’t have found a better place than this to spread my wings and develop my overall personality .
On the day of admission, every staff was so welcoming and warm hearted that even the most complicated and challenging formalities were done away with so much ease. The college authorities were very helpful and not for a moment did I feel I was no more in school.
Teachers with their utmost skill and care bridged us and explained us the difference between school and a professional college. Teachers taught us about the importance of their subjects in dentistry and boosted to start working hard from the beginning itself in order to come out with flying colors at the end of the year and a become a successful doctor and a good human being, even their teaching methods are so expressive that we had no problem in grasping the concepts .
College has such a huge lush –green campus,a magnificent temple ,students mall and cafeteria, auditorium ,stadium and central library.
With each passing day I feel more comfortable and well settled in the college and I feel glad and fortunate to be now a part of this college.
I shall cherish when I become the first dentist in my family.

RimjhimSrivastava, BDS 1st year (2016-17).


I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge : BBD College of Dental Science. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extra curricular development of the students. The faculties and staffs are very helpful and are always present to clear our doubts to lead us in right path. 
It provides education in the true sense. 
BDS 2nd year

Having done both BDS and MDS from BabuBanarasi Das College of Dental Sciences I can say for sure that it is one of the finest dental college in North-India. It is one of the few college where all the teaching staff are full-time as required by DCI. Their infrastructure is at par with best institutes in India. BBDCODS boasts of spacious library with wide selection of books, huge auditorium and their own cricket ground! All in all I’d recommend BBDCODS to the next generation of dental surgeons for their impeccable professional development.  
Dr. Atul Singh
MDS, Pedodontics& Preventive Dentistry

Higher education has never been more accessible and there have never been more option for every budget, learning style and goal.Finding the right college can be the first step towards achieving a life time of success. BBDCODS has definitely been one of the best decision of my academic life. This college & the faculty have instilled in us the objective that success does not need to stop once you achieve your degree. Education can last a life time and fort you miles ahead of the rest. This simple mark that one faculties instilled in us is sure to make us winners in every field of life.
- NajibahManzoor (Patna)
I SnihaChoudhryfrom Assam, Guwahati came to BabuBanarasi Das University to study BDS in 2015. As it is said “First impression is last impression”. My first impression of this college was faculty is great, the campus is very beautiful with herbal park and gardens which are so well maintained and great infrastructure.
On its entrance, there is a LordGanesha Temple. One can start a new joining by the blessing of the Lord. Every year, Ganesh Chatturthi is celebrated and the Temple is decorated very beautifully which attracts many devotees. Apart from these the teaching faculty is the best. The college provides many facilities, but the best is the teaching staff. They are full time present for us, our examsare conducted always on time as compared to other North Indian colleges.
Apart from studies, the college also puts emphasis on co-curricular activities every year, a fest named Utkarsh is celebrated, where students can show their talents by taking part is different activities.
Last but not the least it is an Anti-Ragging college.
I,MadhulikaUzir of BDS IIIrd year (Batch 2014-2015) of BabuBanarasi Das College of Dental Sciences from Assam.I am very glad that I opted for this college for my career in dentistry.
The infrastructure here is very user friendly. The staffs are very supportive & cooperative and are full – time. This college not only focuses on studies but students are also allowed to participate in various type of co-curricular activities. One of the more appreciating thing about this college is it is an anti ragging campus. This college has also provided us with all the clinical facilities required for dental professional course.
I’m very lucky to be a part of this college as it helped me in developing in my overall activities in both professional& sporty way.    


ShahnazParveenof Guwahati, Assam is a student of BabuBanarasi Das College of Dental Science of Dental Sciences (BDS 3rd Year, 2014-15)

  • This college has provided all the facilities we need.
  • We have very good, qualitative & cooperative facilities in our college.
  • We have our regular classes and exams on time.
  • Especially in the clinics the teachers help a lot how to deal with the patients.
  • Also clinical teaching is taken everyday in which the teacher teaches us the clinical techniques from their experience.

I AnirbanSaikia from Jorhat, Assam is want to state that our college BabuBanarasi Das College of Dental Science is an excellent college for dentistry. Right now I am in 3rd year and I feel the patient inflow is real good. Faculty members are really nice. They help us in every way. The college campus is ragging free which is a great mine for all the new comers.

Name- AnirbanSaikia
State-  Assam
I, Vikrant Singh Dekaof BDS Final year (Batch 2013-14) am currently studying in BBDCODS. As a student coming from Guwahati (Assam), it has been a great experience for me till now. As a part of this institution I have a learned a lot relating to me Dental Professional career, regarding my theory & Practical clinical studies comply in my future career. It is undoubtedly one of the best Dental Colleges in northern India. I am very glad to mention that apart from being a professional college also, our college is very much involved in extra curricular activities. We have won a lot of prizes in both intra and inter college competition in this region.
Overall development is the major criteria of our college.

-Vikrant Singh Deka
  BDS Final Year