In 2016 I became a part of this institution ‘BBDCODS’. Frankly I never thought of becoming a dentist but when I came to this institute my thought had changed and now think I couldn’t have found a better place than this to spread my wings and develop my overall personality .
On the day of admission, every staff was so welcoming and warm hearted that even the most complicated and challenging formalities were done away with so much ease. The college authorities were very helpful and not for a moment did I feel I was no more in school.
Teachers with their utmost skill and care bridged us and explained us the difference between school and a professional college. Teachers taught us about the importance of their subjects in dentistry and boosted to start working hard from the beginning itself in order to come out with flying colors at the end of the year and a become a successful doctor and a good human being, even their teaching methods are so expressive that we had no problem in grasping the concepts .
College has such a huge lush –green campus,a magnificent temple ,students mall and cafeteria, auditorium ,stadium and central library.
With each passing day I feel more comfortable and well settled in the college and I feel glad and fortunate to be now a part of this college.
I shall cherish when I become the first dentist in my family.